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Garter Stitch Rabbits and Craft Karma

Recently, I was asked to make a gift for a baby at relatively short notice.  It was for a colleague of my Dad’s and needed to be something quick, but good enough to give to a very excited couple on the arrival of their first child.  I had a quick look online and found the perfect project – a rabbit made from a garter stitch square.  

See here

The pattern is so straightforward, you can knit it up in an evening, and it works on whatever size square you choose to make.  I had a lovely blue/grey baby dk going spare which was perfect and left over from another project.


I also needed some toy stuffing but due to a serious lapse of judgement a week or so previously I had forgotten the most sacred edict of all of crafters, and thrown some out.

“thou shalt not dispose of any craft supplies, regardless of how old or obscure/useless they appear to be”

Craft Karma evidently doesn’t let anything go and came back to bite me; this was the very next project I made after throwing it away.  I hadn’t used it for so long, and didn’t envisage making a toy for the foreseeable future, but that’s how it goes isn’t it.

So I was unable to finish the project in a day; but due to a stroke of luck, an unlikely colleague (male, 22 year old computer game enthusiast) had a bag of toy stuffing which he was willing to sell to me for a small sum. Thus I was able to complete the project in a matter of days.

I was really pleased with it.  As baby gifts go, it’s not something I would give to a very close friend or relative, but as a thoughtful gift for a colleague or in case of knitting emergency, it works really well.


What are your go to/emergency quick knits?

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