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I recently returned from an amazing week away in Hayle, Cornwall.  I packed plenty of knitting to keep me going and the weather forecast led me to believe I would have plenty of opportunity to get a lot of it done (indoors with a hot drink). However, the weather was glorious and I hardly spent any time inside at all.  I did however attempt some knitting on the beach; word to the wise – don’t do it. Turns out grains of sand, a salty sea breeze and merino wool don’t get along very well, who knew? I expect I will try it again though, perhaps a little more prepared, but in all likelihood, probably not.

Although I didn’t manage to get a lot of knitting done, I found Cornwall an amazingly inspirational place and I have come back raring to get going on dyeing some new colour combinations of wool inspired by the sky, sea and landscapes.

I also visited the Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden in St. Ives which was a great experience. It is situated where Barbara’s studio was and the garden is full of stone and metal sculptures of all different sizes. It is a really peaceful place to wander through, or at least it would have been had there not been a school trip visiting at the same time as I did!

I was hoping to find some interesting wool shops whilst away but didn’t manage to find any! I am heading back later in the year, so might have found out about some by then.  I don’t know why exactly it is so exciting going to wool shops in different places – it just is.

I can’t wait to go back!








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