Knitting, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again already!

I have had another busy week with my brother’s 30th birthday, a wedding reception, a friend’s birthday and all sorts of other bits and bobs. Fun but exhausting! My brother’s birthday meal was in London and I was gutted I forgot to take my knitting for the train, although it was probably a bit too loud and boisterous to get much done anyway.

I had a bit of a nightmare with Sunday’s post; after drafting, editing, spelling and grammar checking, I hit ‘publish’ and it vanished. The whole lot. However, instead of hurling my laptop under the nearest passing bus as was my first instinct, I managed to turn it off, walk away and do it again on Monday instead. The trials of modern technology. The post went up in the end, and it is better late than never I suppose.

Knit-wise, I have been cracking on with my brioche shawl and the pattern is really starting to take shape now. I set myself a target of 4 rows a day minimum. I always do multiples of 4 on this project because with brioche knitting you knit every row twice, and on this particular pattern the even numbered rows are always the same, so in knitting 4 rows, and ticking them off the pattern as I go, I always know where I am.

In other knitting news I have been working on the free pattern which will be available to download in a couple of weeks, and I am planning to take everyone through the whole project, a bit like a knit along (KAL).  I am really excited about it; it is a fantastic first project (and a great project for an experienced knitter), and is very satisfying to knit. You will be utilising your new found skills in casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, binding off and weaving in the loose ends to create a stylish piece of handiwork you will be really proud of!

You may have noticed that I often put a symbol in brackets after a knitting term, such as purl (P). These are the abbreviations that are used in patterns and I will be producing a page and adding to it as we go which you can refer to whenever you need to.

As spring is finally here, I have also been planning some springy/summery projects – knitting is not just for the colder months and in fact, when you first get going, it can take a while to get to the end of a project, so if you are planning on making any Christmas gifts, or Winter scarves, it is a good idea to start as early as possible to give yourself enough time to finish!

That’s it for this week, I will see you on Sunday for purl class, and i hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

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