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Knit stitch 


In order to make anything, you need to be able to knit (K) and purl (P).  You can do all sorts of interesting things with other stitches but you can’t do anything at all without being able to knit and purl.  They are your bread and butter stitches. Having said that, you can do plenty of really interesting things just with these 2 stitches.  The pattern in the header is called waffle stitch and is just made using knit and purl stitches.  More of that in another post.

For now, click here for my knit stitch tutorial, and get cracking.  If you need help casting on, go back to my tutorial here first.

You may have heard of ‘knit one, purl one’, but what you may not know is that the back of a knit stitch is a purl stitch and the back of a purl stitch is a knit stitch.  When you follow a pattern, it will tell you which is the right side (RS) and which is the wrong side (WS).  It is important to note that the purl side isn’t automatically the wrong side, or the back, it depends of the pattern you are knitting.

As you knit, it is a good idea to start trying to recognise stitches.  It sounds silly but it is really tricky at first and then one day it ‘clicks’ and you can’t understand how you couldn’t see it before!  In my diagram below, you can see each knit stitch looks like a little ‘v’.

recognising stitches

Your homework for next week, is to cast on 15 stitches (using this tutorial if necessary), and then knit as many rows as you can back and forth (using this tutorial).

Next week we are going to learn to purl and then the fun really starts.

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