Knitting, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday! It has been a glorious day here and as I am lucky enough to live near the seaside, I drove home this evening along the water, feeling lots of gratitude which is a great way to start the evening!

Since last Wednesday, I have been pretty busy; messing around with trying to record and edit the tutorial video (and subsequently realising I have an awful lot of work to do in that area), watching my boyfriend in his first football match for a few years, go-karting with 15 other girls (didn’t even come close to winning), comforting my erstwhile mentioned boyfriend who struggled to move in the days following his first football match in a few years, coffee, walks, good food and knitting. It has been a good week.

Whilst my weekend was really enjoyable, it was also very busy and I wanted to knit something where I could just follow the pattern, so I picked up Drea Renee’s Rambler Shawl which I started a while ago and has been sitting there since.  The garter stripes knitted up really quickly, but I slackened off with the brioche because I made a few mistakes and had to ‘un-knit’ it a few times.  I felt it was time to pick it back up and I am really glad I did, but this time I am paying attention.  
I have only done 8 rows of it so far, so have plenty left to go, but am finding it a really theraputic knit – brioche is so satisfying to knit and I am starting to see the pattern forming.

Anyway, I am going to make myself a cuppa and crack on with the brioche.  Enjoy your evening!

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