Knitting, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to WIP (work in progress) Wednesday, which this week also happens to be International Womens Day; an important day when people all over the world recognise the achievements of women and draw attention to the inequalities still active all over the world.  Happy IWD to you all;  I am grateful for every single wonderful woman I am lucky enough to have in my life.

We are at that midweek point, and I thought I would give a little insight into what has been going on at Knit Republic HQ so far.

I have been working hard on the next post (to be published on Sunday) in which we are going to be casting stitches onto our needles! This has involved experimenting with recording the video tutorial which is really terrifying exciting (does my voice really sound like that?).  It’s not going to win any awards at Cannes just yet, but I still have a few days, so…

Meanwhile, on my needles…

I would love to say that I am a one project at a time kind of gal, but that would be a barefaced lie. I like it that way because I can pick a project based on what kind of mood I’m in/what kind of day I’ve had/ how much chocolate I have (or haven’t) eaten.

So, although I have a variety of projects on the go at any one time, I have just finished a chunky child’s colour block hat (it is an aqua blue and grey but you can’t see that properly in the photograph).  The pattern will be available soon!

Enjoy the rest of the week, and I will be back on Sunday!

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